Monday, July 29, 2013

Do you remember ?- Aaron Carter(- A song review)

About Aaron Carter: Aaron Carter got famous in his childhood and teen days, because he started singing at early age. He has released some of the successful albums, naming "Aaron's Party" and "Another Earthquake". Aaron is born on 7th December 1987, so adding one more to the famous personalities like Harry Chapin and Jennifer Carpenter born on 7th December. Since last one decade he was busy on working on himself and has improved himself physically and mentally. You can join him on the Facebook to keep updated. He is soon going to release his another album, which I expect to get a warm welcome. He had some girl friends in past but I think he is too sexy for all those. He was kind of depressed and got the bad habits of drugs etc, but after working on himself I think he is out of all this hell. He is now on the right track and is soon going to rock you with his another album and then another, and another. I wish him very best luck.

Song name: Do you remember
Singer:         Aaron Carter
This song is such a song which can make a girl cry due to the lovely lyrics and the genuine voice of the Aaron for this song. It sounds like this song comes out of the heart of the Aaron Carter. You can understand the lyrics easily, because they are very simple.
He want to tell his girl friend that he loves her very much, because might have asked him if he really love her or not. Instead of giving the straight answer to her question, he wants her to find it by herself at the same time he makes her remember the lovely days that they have spent together, which are the proof of his love for her.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Better days'- Goo Goo Dolls - a song review

Hi, if you look at the lyrics of the songs they are awesome and if you listen to the music and the vocals they are awesome too. John Rzeznik has a voice of fire but here the fire is burning for the peace, for the better world. The song is a direct message to all its listeners from the person singing it.
"if you ask me what I want this year,
I will try to make this kind and clear,
Just a chance that maybe we will find better days..."
What an awesome lyrics and what a voice and the feel with which the song is sung. I have listened to this song feeling every word of it. It demands for peace, trust and faith. A better world, filled with love and just love.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

'mama said - Metallica' - All time favorite

I was in college when I listened to Metallica, and still after 5 more years, I listen to them. 'Mama said' has an emotional link to me and I think for anyone who turned from boy to man.  You are welcome to share your views on this song.

'Love me two times'- doors ( a fiery song)

I was searching for some energetic voice combined with rocking music and I clicked on the doors. Jim Morisson had a energetic voice and you can listen to it in his songs. The songs created by this band are lovely and you will enjoy listening to them everyday.

Ghunghroo Ki Tarah - Guitar chords and cover

Hi Please also watch the cover to know the guitar play style and singing too. Thanks C Bb Ghunghrooo ki tarah Bbajta hi C rah...