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"The Lucky One" by Taylor Swift - A review

Song Title: The lucky one
Album:   RED

Taylor swift is a young, cute and beautiful singer and so is her voice. I bought this album last year and I listen to the songs frequently day after day. This song was humming in my mind and I don't even realize it, but then I catch my mind sometimes and then I realize that mind is busy with the Taylor Swift songs.
Some how I feel the soul of the songs by Taylor Swift. This song is a sad song and can be a relief to your mind while you are sad yourself too.
I think I am in love with Taylor and her songs, but then I think that it is easy to fall in love or get attracted to a star, so I tap my head with my hands. Now it understands that it has to be contented with her songs only. So be careful and do not fall in love with her also make sure that the songs do not become addiction to you.
Well with this song Taylor explains what it takes to a be star, it is clear with the lyrics that everybody thinks that if you are a famous star then you are the…