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Tere mere darmiyan kyun likhiyan ne ye dooriyan..(Mohit Chauhan)

Song Title: Darmiyan
Singer: Mohit Chauhan
Movie: Pinky Moge Wali

"Rab jaane meri Akh kyun royi,
Khwab bhi tera vekhya na koi"

Means, Only God knows why I cried because I saw you  not even in my dreams.
This happens when you are so much in pain that it follows the path through the eyes and you don't even realize that you are already crying. 
..Woww! I love the pain and the depth and height of this song. I love Mohit Chauhan and simply I can't resist but I listen to this song so many times at once. Whenever I feel sad, I put my headphones on and this song will help me to to give music and words to the pain inside.

I can feel the deep down inside everything that this song mean. Sometimes, I feel crazy of myself because I can play this song for about 10 times in a row and still I want to listen it more. Then I have to stop myself because that seems to be very much crazy.

"Pal do pal paaya tenu,
fer mein gwaya tenu"

Mean, I met you only for a moment and then I…

Give your ears to Ozzy and he becomes obsession


Well the title of this post suits to me. I have observed myself that once I start to listen to Ozzy Osbourne I can't stop to listen to his songs and if this is video that it is a bigger obsession.
I love his songs and here is some of the songs which I love to listen anytime:
(1) Mama I am coming home
(2) Let me hear you (scream)
(3) War Pigs
(4) Life won't wait for you my friend
(5) Dreamer
(6) Dirty Woman
(7) Paranoid
..Ozzy is known as the prince of darkness, I don't know why.
People call him crazy because he does crazy things like eating bats..(I didn't saw that but I have heard so).
Although it is not always possible to understand the lyrics but I love the music in his songs.