Saturday, July 19, 2014

Listening to "Zaroorat" from Ek Villain and putting my Mind out.

"Zaroort", is one of the various songs in my playlist of the itunes software. While I am writing this line, following lines are being played.
"Mei Adhoora ji rha hun, har dam ye keh raha hun
Mujhe teri Zaroorat hai, mujhe teri jarurat hai."

Those lines just passed on through the player bar. Okay..wait let me listen to whole of the song first, then I will write further. I have not yet watched the movie but like the other songs of the movie such as Banjara, Galliyan and Humdard, 'Zaroorat' is one more hit from the same movie.

Song title: Zaroorat (27th June 2014)
Singer: Mustafa Zahid
Composer: Mithoon Sharma
Movie: Ek Villain

Love is all about living for each other and with each other, not dying for each other. Once you are in love, it is hard to go back. Even if you try to go back, you will feel the need(Zaroorat) of coming back to love.

This is not limited to the character portrayed in the movie Villain, it applies to every human being. Human nature is to love and get the love, so once you get the love, you will come back again and again. I think song could also have been titled as 'Adhoora' but yes Zaroorat is also good.

I think the best way to get out from the feeling of feeling unfulfilled(Adhoora) is to simply accept it, and then singing it loud, like Mustafa Zahid has done. Once you sing it loud, it is all well again, normal and peace.

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