Friday, April 3, 2015

GuitarRRRRRR!! - How to buy the first one.


Well, tell me one thing, who don't want to be an guitarist? Or name a person, who don't love the guitars.

Why to buy a Guitar?

Guitars are the instruments of expression for feeling of many's hearts. They have
a different appeal, and are very much attractive in their own ways.

There are six strings and  fretboard, where you put fingers of one hand to fret the strings to form different chords, and use your other hand to strum them. When played in harmony, they can express the hell or heaven out of you. When you listen to the 'Tum hi Ho'(unplugged) by Arijit or 'Galiyan' by Ankit and Shradha, or  'Aadat' from Jal band, you wish if you could express your heart same way.

If you have the taste(not of licking with your tongue, I mean musical taste) for Nirvana and Led Zeppelin etc., then you might have thought of playing the 'Smells like Teen Spirit' and 'Whole Lotta Love' respectively. Guitar helps you to open your voice, and take out all those lines out of your tongue. Once you have the feel for the guitar, you desire to have one of your own.

Which Guitar should you go For?

Which guitar should you go for? Acoustic or Electric, the two most famous types. At this point, I don't have much knowledge of the types, but they say, they have different ones for Blues, jazz etc. of which I have not much theoretical knowledge.
Anyway, acoustic guitars are the guitars which you can play at any place, with your hands or a pick. For playing the electric guitar, you need electric connection and amplifier.

Electric guitars are preferred for rock music. Acoustic can bring melodies out of you. The famous acoustics are the Gibson guitars, with steel strings. Classical guitars are another type, which generally come with nylon strings. When you look online stores, the Gibson guitars don't come below $200 - $300. For a beginner in India, going for Kaps or Yamaha can be a better option. Givson can be found everywhere, and be used if you are low on budget.

 If you are somewhere in urban cities in India, you may find a number of show rooms with number of options available. Else, these days the online options are available, see if they can deliver it to your home city, or town. If you go for the show room, do not feel shy to try the guitar that interests you.

Yes, pick up the guitar, hold it in position, and check if you can fret the strings, get the feel of the guitar, see if you like it or not!

Inside the Show Room? Check these things:

Few things to check, while you go to buy the guitar:

  1. Strings are not much hard to fret, I mean pressing with your left hand fingers(for right handers).
  2. Strings do not produce the buzzing sound, they should sound clean and clear. 
  3. The neck is not bended or torsioned, it should be straight, else it would result in buzzing of the strings, or difficulty in fretting.
  4. The best wood is rosewood, then mahogany and maple etc. ask which one is used in the guitar. 
  5. Ask if the body of the guitar(the hollow box), is made of laminated wood or solid wood. The solid wood guitars are costly and have better quality than the laminated ones. 
  6. Check if the gluing is done smoothly, no outcropping of the remains of the glue should be in there. 
  7. Also check the aesthetic appearance of the guitar, go for your taste, else you may curse yourself later. 
Thats all I have gathered till now, when more knowledge I have, more I shall share here, so stay tuned. Subscribe yourself to the mailing list. Having any querry? please write in to me. 

Thanks and all the best!

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