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GuitarRRRRRR!! - How to buy the first one.


Well, tell me one thing, who don't want to be an guitarist? Or name a person, who don't love the guitars.
Why to buy a Guitar? Guitars are the instruments of expression for feeling of many's hearts. They have
a different appeal, and are very much attractive in their own ways.

There are six strings and  fretboard, where you put fingers of one hand to fret the strings to form different chords, and use your other hand to strum them. When played in harmony, they can express the hell or heaven out of you. When you listen to the 'Tum hi Ho'(unplugged) by Arijit or 'Galiyan' by Ankit and Shradha, or  'Aadat' from Jal band, you wish if you could express your heart same way.

If you have the taste(not of licking with your tongue, I mean musical taste) for Nirvana and Led Zeppelin etc., then you might have thought of playing the 'Smells like Teen Spirit' and 'Whole Lotta Love' respectively. Guitar helps you to open your voice, and take out…