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Yaaron Dosti- Guitar Chords (Very easy chords)


 It is only two months ago that I bought my first guitar, and you know it takes time to play the songs. I am an internet learner, and if you are one of the same, and searching for something easy to play, then let me tell you about this easiest song that I have come across.
Dosti was a hit and still it is a hit, you feel exhilarated whenever someone sing this song with guitar in his/her lap. Here is an easy version of the chords, and I have done a little change here.
I put the chords, exactly at the place, in between the words, where they are to be strummed. If you find any discrepancy, please leave a comment.  Please enjoy!

Song:        Yaaron Dosti Badi hi haseen Hai
Singer:       K K

Strumming that I used:   D  duud  D duud (you may your own and share it with me also)

(D) Yaaron (G)dosti (D)badi hi ha(G)seen hai        
ye naa (D)ho to (G)kya phir        
(D)bolo ye zinda(G)gi hai      
koi (Bm)to ho raaz(G)daar              
begar(D)az tera ho (G)yaar        
koi (Bm)to ho ra…