Friday, May 10, 2013

"Iron man" - by Black Sabbath - A song review

Song title: Iron Man
Band: Black Sabbath
Vocals: Ozzy Osbourne

I have listened to this song many times, and the music has always attracted me a lot. The guitars are amazing and the rocking voice of the Ozzy Osbourne makes it more real. The song is about the Iron Man, and for the same reason the song is played in the movie Iron Man- part 2 as the theme song. It is not easy to understand the whole lyrics but all I have understood is that there is an iron man, who is working for the future of the mankind, but he is misunderstood by others. I am not sure about it, please correct me if you can.
How to buy? I think the best place to buy the song is to go to the online stores. I downloaded the mp3 version from the

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