Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"Tum Hi Ho" - Ashiqi 2 by Arijit Singh

Song Title: Tum Hi Ho
Singer: Arijit Singh
Movie: Ashiqi 2
Year of release: 2013
This movie was one of the big hits of the Bollywood of the year 2013 because this movie will make you cry like a baby. People loved this movie for its songs which are very well prepared for the music lovers. This song is a kind of soul of this movie, and is well suited to the character in the movie. This man has fallen in love with a girl and can't live without her for a single moment.
The fresh and powerful voice of Arijit and the sound of guitar and one another instrument which I think is cashio has made it worth listening many times. It makes you feel to be in love even if you are not, you would love to be in love, because this song might induces such feelings in you, so be prepared.
This song basically fits to the character of the movie, who has nothing else in his life except his love, after meeting whom he finds his life fulfilled. He plans to do everything for her only, it was the main aim of his life afterwards.
"kyunki tum hi ho, kyunki tum hi ho,
meri ashiqi ab tum hi ho"
I sung this song in my voice in front of about 50 young people and they loved this song in my voice too. I felt flattered when they shamelessly admired me for it, but I feel that it is easy to copy someone's song but the amount of the work these singers and the musicians put can not even be imagined by people like me. I feel grateful to be able to reach such voices through my house's comfort. Thank you Arijit and whole team.

Thank you!

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