Friday, November 8, 2013

Bounce - Aaron carter

Album: Aaron's Party
Song: Bounce
A still from video- Bounce - Aaron Carter
Year of release: September 2000
Single: 2001
"Bounce" is a song sung by Aaron Carter, in his early career, he was only about 13 years old. I purchased this video from i-tunes store and I like the energy and the smiles on all the faces in this video. While watching the video you yourself will feel bouncing and it can make you relax for the time you watch this video. Aaron looks very much refreshing and cheerful in this video, and his lovely face can make you smile too. 
You can buy the video from i-tunes store easily. These are the songs which Aaron sung quite well.This is long time since he has worked on his new album. I hope he soon does that.

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