Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Love Her Madly "- Doors - A song review

Song Title: Love Her madly
Album: L.A. Woman
Vocals: Jim Morrison 
Composed by: Robby  Krieger
It was the last and 6th album of the Morrison before he died in 1971. The song "Love Her Madly" was a huge hit. I read the details about the song on the other sites and says that it was the single hit from this album. 
I am more interested in the meaning of the song, which I understood as if the person loves his girl friend. He loves her every way, and finally when she walked out of the door, it all seems lonely. You have nothing to do but to feel the loneliness while she is gone. It is a sad song for me, because the sadness is more emphasized through the last lines.
Read these lines:
"Yeah, all your love is gone 
So sing a lonely song 
Of a deep blue dream 
Seven horses seem to be on the mark"
I love to sing this song many times and it is always sounds like a new fresh song. 
Thank You.

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