Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mein nikla o Gaddi Leke" - Gaddar - A song review

Song Title: O mein nikla O gaddi leke
Movie: Gaddar- ek prem katha (2001)
Singer : Udit Narayan
Actor: Sunny Deol

This song has a story in itself but it is not related to the story of  the movie. It is played by many people for the sake of the amount of the enthusiasm, adventurous spirit and the fast music and the energetic voice of Udit Narayan. This song was a big hit along with the other songs of this movie. The story of the Gaddar is circled around the two lovers one from India and the girl from Pakistan. They are not allowed to have the affair because of the age old fight between the two nations but they fight against this fight of nations and create a history of cross border love. It was a huge hit of its time, and the songs of the movie were enjoyed almost at every part of the country. The other famous songs of this movie are
1.Ud ja Kale Kawan, tere muh bich khand pavan 
2. Musafir Jane wale
3. Hum Juda Ho gaye
I think these are the songs which had a melody in themselves but the songs these days have forgotten all this.

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