Monday, August 19, 2013

"Mere Sapno ki Rani Kab aayegi tu" -- by Kishore Kumar

Song title: Mere sapno ki rani kab aayegi tu
Singer:  Kishore Kumar
Movie: Aradhana
Kishore Kumar is enjoyed by the people throughout the world for his specific singing style which is still unique today and I think no one can copy his style because it was his and only his way. He use to add humor, enthusiasm and a lot of energy into his songs. This song is a marvelous piece of his talent and is listened by the people through many ways, like in Radio, or TV channels. People come to the media platforms and give tribute to him by singing his songs. His bigger than life attitude can be found in his any song.
"Mere Sapno ki Rani Kab aayegi tu,
Aayi rut Mastani kab aayegi tu?
Biti jaye jindgani kab aayegi tu?
Chali aa tu chali aa-- chali aa han tu chali aa"

In this repeated excerpt from the song, he is asking his dream girl to come in real because he wants to wait no more in such a beautiful environment and such a lovely young age. It sounds like a talking phrase, and it makes it more lively.

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