Friday, November 8, 2013

Bounce - Aaron carter

Album: Aaron's Party
Song: Bounce
A still from video- Bounce - Aaron Carter
Year of release: September 2000
Single: 2001
"Bounce" is a song sung by Aaron Carter, in his early career, he was only about 13 years old. I purchased this video from i-tunes store and I like the energy and the smiles on all the faces in this video. While watching the video you yourself will feel bouncing and it can make you relax for the time you watch this video. Aaron looks very much refreshing and cheerful in this video, and his lovely face can make you smile too. 
You can buy the video from i-tunes store easily. These are the songs which Aaron sung quite well.This is long time since he has worked on his new album. I hope he soon does that.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

"We are never ever getting back together" - RED - Taylor Swift

Song title: We are never ever getting back together
Singer:  Taylor Swift
Album: RED
I love this song, this song tells me what exactly happens in love relationships in general. There are times when one of us will demand for the space and next day when we get the space from our lover, we miss them and want them back same again. I don't know if Taylor Swift has the same original story or not, but I am sure that she understands what happens and that is why this song tells the exact emotions we have.
I love you Taylor Swift!

Friday, October 4, 2013

"Meri Aashiqui - Tu mujhe chod jaye" - Aashiqi -2

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Song Title: Meri Aashiqui
Movie: Aashiqui 2
Singer: Arijit Singh and Palak Muchhal
This song starts with the line" Tu mujhe chod jaye, ye nahin ho sakta" means "it can not happen that you leave me".
"Meri baaton mein tera jikar sada, meri yadon mein teri fikar sada
Mein jo bhi hun tum hi to ho, mujhe tumse mili apni ada"
Means "you are always in my talks, in my memories, and whatever I am is all you.". This song is played in the movie when she is left alone because he has left the world now. It is such an emotional scene that, I can't explain it.. all you can do is just cry because no one can take so much pain. I am listening to this song and that is why I am writing about it. This movie and its songs were somewhat refreshing and once you listen to them, you can not stop loving them.
Thank you!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

"Milne hai mujhse aayi fir jaane kyun tanhayi" - Arijit Singh - Aashiqi 2

Song title:  Milne hai mujhse aayi phir jane kyun tanhayi
Movie: Aashiqi 2
Singer: Arijit Singh
Year of release: 2013
This song is one of the songs of the debut Bollywood movie of the Arijit Singh as a singer, which was a huge hit and loved by the Indians and I hope it was loved worldwide but I don't know much about it. Ashiqi 2 is a very emotional movie and I bet that all girls and boys have cried with this movie, of course exceptions are there. The male character is a person who is a famous singer but is alcoholic and has no one in his life whom he loves except the alcohol and his music. Then he met this girl who has a beautiful voice and they are in love. This girl becomes famous with her songs and gets busy with her singing projects in her hands. He feels ignored and then he starts feeling that he is only a burden on her life. She leaves her projects and tries to take care of him, but he already feeling guilty feels it at higher level, because her career is getting affected due to him. This song is one of the super hits songs of this movie which fits very well to the story of the movie. It is really a emotional movie and it was hard to not cry while watching the end of movie but somehow I controlled my self.
Thank you!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"Tum Hi Ho" - Ashiqi 2 by Arijit Singh

Song Title: Tum Hi Ho
Singer: Arijit Singh
Movie: Ashiqi 2
Year of release: 2013
This movie was one of the big hits of the Bollywood of the year 2013 because this movie will make you cry like a baby. People loved this movie for its songs which are very well prepared for the music lovers. This song is a kind of soul of this movie, and is well suited to the character in the movie. This man has fallen in love with a girl and can't live without her for a single moment.
The fresh and powerful voice of Arijit and the sound of guitar and one another instrument which I think is cashio has made it worth listening many times. It makes you feel to be in love even if you are not, you would love to be in love, because this song might induces such feelings in you, so be prepared.
This song basically fits to the character of the movie, who has nothing else in his life except his love, after meeting whom he finds his life fulfilled. He plans to do everything for her only, it was the main aim of his life afterwards.
"kyunki tum hi ho, kyunki tum hi ho,
meri ashiqi ab tum hi ho"
I sung this song in my voice in front of about 50 young people and they loved this song in my voice too. I felt flattered when they shamelessly admired me for it, but I feel that it is easy to copy someone's song but the amount of the work these singers and the musicians put can not even be imagined by people like me. I feel grateful to be able to reach such voices through my house's comfort. Thank you Arijit and whole team.

Thank you!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"The Lucky One" by Taylor Swift - A review

Song Title: The lucky one
Album:   RED

Taylor swift is a young, cute and beautiful singer and so is her voice. I bought this album last year and I listen to the songs frequently day after day. This song was humming in my mind and I don't even realize it, but then I catch my mind sometimes and then I realize that mind is busy with the Taylor Swift songs.
Some how I feel the soul of the songs by Taylor Swift. This song is a sad song and can be a relief to your mind while you are sad yourself too.
I think I am in love with Taylor and her songs, but then I think that it is easy to fall in love or get attracted to a star, so I tap my head with my hands. Now it understands that it has to be contented with her songs only. So be careful and do not fall in love with her also make sure that the songs do not become addiction to you.
Well with this song Taylor explains what it takes to a be star, it is clear with the lyrics that everybody thinks that if you are a famous star then you are the most lucky person, but then there is some downside to be a star because you don't have your personal life anymore.
Your life is flooded with a numbers of happenings which might not even  have taken place in your life. I think she tells her own story in this song because this song is sung by her with her soul in it.



Sanjay kumar

Saturday, August 31, 2013

"When it comes to you" - Aaron Carter

Song Title : When it comes to you
Singer: Aaron Carter
Album: Another Earthquake

"When it comes to you,
I know everything and anything
What you like to do
and what you like to wear"
These lines itself tell a lot about the theme of the song.  This song is dedicated to someone he loves and he want to make her special by saying all these lovely words. He wants to tell her that he knows all about her likes and dislikes. He remembers everything that she had to share with him, and he is always sincere to her. This song is an honest effort to make feel her special and I think Aaron will know the rest of the story if this song was effective in giving him the desired results or not.
Thank you for your attention.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Love Her Madly "- Doors - A song review

Song Title: Love Her madly
Album: L.A. Woman
Vocals: Jim Morrison 
Composed by: Robby  Krieger
It was the last and 6th album of the Morrison before he died in 1971. The song "Love Her Madly" was a huge hit. I read the details about the song on the other sites and says that it was the single hit from this album. 
I am more interested in the meaning of the song, which I understood as if the person loves his girl friend. He loves her every way, and finally when she walked out of the door, it all seems lonely. You have nothing to do but to feel the loneliness while she is gone. It is a sad song for me, because the sadness is more emphasized through the last lines.
Read these lines:
"Yeah, all your love is gone 
So sing a lonely song 
Of a deep blue dream 
Seven horses seem to be on the mark"
I love to sing this song many times and it is always sounds like a new fresh song. 
Thank You.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mein nikla o Gaddi Leke" - Gaddar - A song review

Song Title: O mein nikla O gaddi leke
Movie: Gaddar- ek prem katha (2001)
Singer : Udit Narayan
Actor: Sunny Deol

This song has a story in itself but it is not related to the story of  the movie. It is played by many people for the sake of the amount of the enthusiasm, adventurous spirit and the fast music and the energetic voice of Udit Narayan. This song was a big hit along with the other songs of this movie. The story of the Gaddar is circled around the two lovers one from India and the girl from Pakistan. They are not allowed to have the affair because of the age old fight between the two nations but they fight against this fight of nations and create a history of cross border love. It was a huge hit of its time, and the songs of the movie were enjoyed almost at every part of the country. The other famous songs of this movie are
1.Ud ja Kale Kawan, tere muh bich khand pavan 
2. Musafir Jane wale
3. Hum Juda Ho gaye
I think these are the songs which had a melody in themselves but the songs these days have forgotten all this.

Monday, August 19, 2013

"Mere Sapno ki Rani Kab aayegi tu" -- by Kishore Kumar

Song title: Mere sapno ki rani kab aayegi tu
Singer:  Kishore Kumar
Movie: Aradhana
Kishore Kumar is enjoyed by the people throughout the world for his specific singing style which is still unique today and I think no one can copy his style because it was his and only his way. He use to add humor, enthusiasm and a lot of energy into his songs. This song is a marvelous piece of his talent and is listened by the people through many ways, like in Radio, or TV channels. People come to the media platforms and give tribute to him by singing his songs. His bigger than life attitude can be found in his any song.
"Mere Sapno ki Rani Kab aayegi tu,
Aayi rut Mastani kab aayegi tu?
Biti jaye jindgani kab aayegi tu?
Chali aa tu chali aa-- chali aa han tu chali aa"

In this repeated excerpt from the song, he is asking his dream girl to come in real because he wants to wait no more in such a beautiful environment and such a lovely young age. It sounds like a talking phrase, and it makes it more lively.

Friday, August 16, 2013

A songs review - "101 Love Songs" by various artists

Album : 101 love songs
Artists: Various Artists
I liked the selection of the songs in this album titles as "101 Love songs" by various artists. There are 101 selected love songs which can turn the atmosphere from the coldest to the romance coming from the  windows of your heart and eyes. Turn on the volume a little high when you are with your partner in your personal spaces and you will feel everything like magic happening.  This album contains love songs like:
 "I can't stop loving you
"Take my breadth away" from the movie "Top Gun"
"Have you ever really loved a woman" and "Everything I do, I do it for you" by Bryan Adams .
All the songs are selected specifically to turn up your romantic life. I am sure you would ask for more and more of such songs because you can do nothing but love these songs.
Thank you!!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Another earthquake by Aaron Carter

This song is sung by the popstar Aaron Carter who was born on 7th Dec 1987 in Tampa Florida. He got famous when he started singing at the age of 7. Among his other early hits this song is from his one of the successful albums. This song is filled with energy of a real earthquake.You can sense it in his voice.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"Mere Sang to chal jara - Newyork" - Sunidhi Chauhan - A song review

Song Title: Mere Sang to Chal jara
Movie: New-York
Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan
If you have listened to the song I am sure it has touched your heart. I love this song for the voice of the Sunidhi chauhan and the beautiful lyrics of the song. The song is a part of the movie "New-York" in which John Abraham, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Katrina Kaif has played the lead characters. Song is written for the female who want to convince her lover to go with her along the path of the life so that all their dreams come true and the love can deepen further. I think the male character is feeling lonely at the moment and the female is trying to make him feel loved by her. Sometimes we want to stay lonely so that no one is there around us but if someone comes with these lyrics on their lips the loneliness will fade away. It is really a heart touching song.
I can give 11 out of 10 to this song.
I love the Sunidhi's voice and I am a fan of her.
Thank you Sunidhi Chauhan and whole team for creating such a wonderful song.
Thank you for your time.
God bless!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Goo Goo Dolls - (What I learned about Ego, opinion, art and commerce )

You might have listened to this album by Goo Goo dolls, its title is quite catchy but I can not understand it completely though. I have listened to the songs like "all eyes on me", "Am I gone", "Acoustic 3, "Bullet Proof", and  "Flat top" etc but I am not able to connect it to the Ego opinion arts and commerce.
The album contains the following songs:
1.Acoustic 3
2.All eyes on me
3. Am I gone
4. Bullet proof
4. Burning up
5. Eyes wide open
6. Flat Top
7. I am addicted
8. just the way you are
9. Laughing
10. Naked
11. There you are
12. Two Days in February
13. Up yours.
14. cuz you are gone
15. We are the normal.
It is a long list but the songs are catchy and can catch your attention to make you listen them all.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Do you remember ?- Aaron Carter(- A song review)

About Aaron Carter: Aaron Carter got famous in his childhood and teen days, because he started singing at early age. He has released some of the successful albums, naming "Aaron's Party" and "Another Earthquake". Aaron is born on 7th December 1987, so adding one more to the famous personalities like Harry Chapin and Jennifer Carpenter born on 7th December. Since last one decade he was busy on working on himself and has improved himself physically and mentally. You can join him on the Facebook to keep updated. He is soon going to release his another album, which I expect to get a warm welcome. He had some girl friends in past but I think he is too sexy for all those. He was kind of depressed and got the bad habits of drugs etc, but after working on himself I think he is out of all this hell. He is now on the right track and is soon going to rock you with his another album and then another, and another. I wish him very best luck.

Song name: Do you remember
Singer:         Aaron Carter
This song is such a song which can make a girl cry due to the lovely lyrics and the genuine voice of the Aaron for this song. It sounds like this song comes out of the heart of the Aaron Carter. You can understand the lyrics easily, because they are very simple.
He want to tell his girl friend that he loves her very much, because might have asked him if he really love her or not. Instead of giving the straight answer to her question, he wants her to find it by herself at the same time he makes her remember the lovely days that they have spent together, which are the proof of his love for her.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Better days'- Goo Goo Dolls - a song review

Hi, if you look at the lyrics of the songs they are awesome and if you listen to the music and the vocals they are awesome too. John Rzeznik has a voice of fire but here the fire is burning for the peace, for the better world. The song is a direct message to all its listeners from the person singing it.
"if you ask me what I want this year,
I will try to make this kind and clear,
Just a chance that maybe we will find better days..."
What an awesome lyrics and what a voice and the feel with which the song is sung. I have listened to this song feeling every word of it. It demands for peace, trust and faith. A better world, filled with love and just love.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

'mama said - Metallica' - All time favorite

I was in college when I listened to Metallica, and still after 5 more years, I listen to them. 'Mama said' has an emotional link to me and I think for anyone who turned from boy to man.  You are welcome to share your views on this song.

'Love me two times'- doors ( a fiery song)

I was searching for some energetic voice combined with rocking music and I clicked on the doors. Jim Morisson had a energetic voice and you can listen to it in his songs. The songs created by this band are lovely and you will enjoy listening to them everyday.

Friday, May 10, 2013

"Iron man" - by Black Sabbath - A song review

Song title: Iron Man
Band: Black Sabbath
Vocals: Ozzy Osbourne

I have listened to this song many times, and the music has always attracted me a lot. The guitars are amazing and the rocking voice of the Ozzy Osbourne makes it more real. The song is about the Iron Man, and for the same reason the song is played in the movie Iron Man- part 2 as the theme song. It is not easy to understand the whole lyrics but all I have understood is that there is an iron man, who is working for the future of the mankind, but he is misunderstood by others. I am not sure about it, please correct me if you can.
How to buy? I think the best place to buy the song is to go to the online stores. I downloaded the mp3 version from the

"Tu na jane aas paas hai khuda" by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Song: Tu na jaane aas paas hai khuda
Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Music Director: Vishal Shekhar
Movie: Anjana Anjani (Actor: Ranbir Kapoor, Actress: Priyanka Chopra)
I am looking for the peace of mind, stability, trust, faith and a bright path which I have to follow to take my life to a beautiful place. I listened to this song, many times, because it has a beautiful theme of its own. It says that there is one GOD everywhere which was always here and will be here forever. He is always with me, no matter if anybody else is with me or not.
Sometimes I forget to realize that GOD is always around me, specially when I am in pain. If I remember that GOD is everywhere around me, then for sure, I will have a peaceful life, with a focus on the goal of my life. He is always my friend and he will remain my friend forever.
"Tu na jane aas paas hai khuda"
You don't know that GOD is always around me. "Khud pe daal tu najar, halaton se haar kar kahan chala re, haath ki lakeeron ko todta marodata hai honsla". Take a look at yourself, don't get discouraged from the difficulties because the lines of our palms, are changed with the courage of our own.
These are wonderful lyrics, and has a great meaning.
How to buy?
If you are looking for the mp3 version of the song then you can go to the It is available there to download for few cents. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

'Sawan Bairi' - Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Song : Sawan Bairi
Movie: A one man army.
Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan,

This is a song filled with emotions, of a lover. This is the spring season, and he/she wishes that their lover was there, with them. Song has the poetic lyrics, and is filled with a touchy music. 
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has used his wonderful skills, like pitching high and then pitching low sometimes. An excerpt of the lyrics is as given below:
"Palko tale, sapne pale, baat mujhse kare ye bekhudi,
(Sawan bairi, sawan bairi, aag lagaye sawan bairi - 2
Sawan bairi, sawan bairi, barse jaye sawan bairi)
 Bahon mein teri bahon mein, kho jaun, chup jaun, 
choo lun jo tujhe choo lun jo, khud ko hi chubh jaun,"
I think the song  is already a hit, because it is on the top purchasing list on the websites like, flipkart and another, online, selling platforms. You can purchase the song from the Online store of the itunes also.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan songs -review

I think Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is a great singer, because he can do the magic with his voice. He sings the songs at very high scale and then he takes it down to low scale. It is a very good talent to able to do. He has a wonderful voice and he has given very lovely songs, which are always mixed in the classic and the rocking music. 

"RED" -Taylor Swift

I am bought this album 2 months ago. I didn't listen to Taylor's songs earlier, I did it for first time. I loved the voice at the first time, and I bought the album. I love her voice, and the music too.
The songs in the album are all love songs.  I think it is a good song collection for the Taylor lovers.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Iris- Goo Goo Dolls (John Rzeznik)

Song Title: Iris
Lyrics: John Rzeznik
Singer: John Rzeznik
Band: Goo Goo Dolls

The song was written by John Rzeznik, who is now the lead vocals and guitarist of the band named "Goo Goo Dolls". The song was written on the demand for the movie "City of Angeles". I have not watched the movie yet, but I liked this song for its music and lyrics a lot. I listen this song, as a way to sooth my mind. I think the meaning goes like" there are very less people who understand me, and I am a little hopeless if anyone will understand me, so I close myself from the world outside.". that is how I understand it.
The song has a little depressed theme but that is how it goes in mind when we are depressed. This song has taken the band to the stardum and is a  super hit. 

Ghunghroo Ki Tarah - Guitar chords and cover

Hi Please also watch the cover to know the guitar play style and singing too. Thanks C Bb Ghunghrooo ki tarah Bbajta hi C rah...